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Kind to Nature Story

KIND TO NATURE normally does not take in animals for adoption, but occasionally we do have a rescued cat or kittens at the sanctuary or with a foster, or trying to help someone in the community place a pet or stray animal, found kittens, etc.

If we have some listed here and you are interested in adopting any of these special fur babies, please email Barb at ktnbarb@aol.com.



 KITTENS - All kittens rescued from TNR 

Floki & Gwendolyn are a little over 3 months old.   

Floki is a handsome little orange tabby boy with a cute fluffy tail.  He is very friendly, can be held and petted and will follow you around.  He is a total lover. Purrs up a storm. Easy to handle.     
Gwendolyn is a cute female orange tabby, spayed.  She is still a little on the shy side at first, loves to play.
       We would like to keep Floki and Gwendolyn together - brother and sister.


                                                                                   new photo 


UPDATE:  Emma, Henrik, Mickey and Ruby are about 2 months old - went to Safe Haven Rescue for adoption.




UPDATE:  These 4 adorable babies are also a little over 3 months old and all fixed!  Went to HOME FUR GOOD for adoption!

Ludacris is a black male kitten, neutered. He is the most darling boy! He loves to cuddle and stretch out as long as he can be! He purrs as soon as you lay down with him.

 Lil Bow Wow is a black female, spayed.  She is a little on the timid side, but playful and very sweet.  She is buddies with Ludacris and we would like to adopt them together.  
She loves her other siblings too, but mostly she loves to sneak attack them from the hammock above their kennel!

 Mittens is a little tabby female with four white paws, spayed. She is a bit more timid, but once she is comfortable she can be very loving and cuddly.

 Anna is a black and white tuxedo female with the softest fur of any kitten! She is her foster's favorite cuddle buddy and she loves to be as close to you as possible to purr right in your ear.  Anna has already been spayed.


SHEBA is a pretty little black female, med length fur, estimated to be about 3 years, tested negative, vaccinated and spayed.  Sheba was an outside stray with feral tendencies who came to our cattery after her last litter was weaned and taken to a rescue and then getting spayed.  However, she has become pretty friendly, can be petted and handled, and doesn't seem to belong in a cattery or a sanctuary, but rather deserves a life as a pet! She can be a little fussy at times, kind of like a Persian who says "okay, that's enough.”   She's also a little feisty with other cats, so probably should be an only cat or with other cats who keep to themselves, don't mess with her.




BEEZL - staying with fosters/rescuers. Very sweet, handsome and easy to manage kitty.  Neutered.  Estimated at under 2 years old.  FIV+ super sweet, affectionate, handsome and playful; otherwise healthy. Rescuers love him and he is chill but not all of their other cats are friendly towards him. He wants love and attention.  From his fosters/rescuers:  Beezl is playful but the other girls in house do not want to play with him.  But no major conflicts.  He is very friendly with us and jumps up for petting or scratching several times a day. He would very much like to get outside, but he graciously accepts being pushed back from the doors.  He recovered easily from being neutered. He has not once failed to use a litter box. Likes to lie on the desks when we are working on the computer    FIV+ cats can live and interact normally with other cats as long as everyone gets along (FIV only transmitted through blood); and kept inside all the time, vitamins and good nutrition to keep immune system strong (we can advise).



If you are interested in meeting this super sweet guy, we can provide you with our recommendations for vitamins and supplements to help keep him healthy for many years. 

Joanne and Ron think Beezl will make someone a great pet and he has many years of love and joy to share with someone.


MAGNUM - We are so pleased to announce that Magnum was ADOPTED 8/10/18 by a wonderful family - courtesy of a posting by our friends at FOUR PEAKS ANIMAL RESCUE!!!  Thank you Nancy and all.  Hope he has a wonderful life.  Magnum is a big beautiful, sweet, super mellow 11-year old cat whose 92-year-old owner, Laverne, has decided it is best for both of them that she find her beloved boy a new forever home where he will be loved by someone as much as she does, be happy and taken good care of for the rest of his life.     

ADOPTED:  TOM & JERRY - 2 very adorable, healthy and playful rescued boys.  We estimate them to be about 3 months old and recently neutered.  They are being fostered by their rescuer who has a houseful of not-cat-friendly dogs, so we would very much like to get them adopted ASAP.  Asking for a tax deductible donation of $65 for both boys if adopted together. 

RED -  ADOPTED!  Red's rescuers fell in love with him and have decided to keep him despite one of their other kitties not being fond of him.  They will work it out!!
FIV+.  Neutered, estimated to be about 3 years old.  Found as injured stray. Very loving – likes to cuddle, well behaved and funny, handsome orange tabby. Injuries all healed up now. He's a love, but conflicts with just a couple of rescuers other cats make it impossible for them to keep him - they love him very much. Gets along fine with the other cats though – sleeps and plays with them.  Even more loving and affectionate since being neutered. He sleeps in their bedroom every second night, hates being alone (sleeps on top of them or right next to them and follows them everywhere), likes to talk back when they speak to him . FIV+ cats can live and interact normally with other cats as long as everyone gets along (FIV only transmitted through blood); and kept inside all the time, vitamins and good nutrition to keep immune system strong (we can advise).




PRIMROSE is an adorable kitten we rescued from Arizona Humane Society who deemed she was not adoptable because of her fearful behavior.  Once in the hands of her foster that quickly changed who continues to give her lots of attention and space of her own when she wants it. She was a little shy initially, but is now much better and loves to snuggle and is very playful.   Primrose was adopted by a wonderful family and we know she'll have a wonderful life with them!

                                                                                       Prim with her favorite toy in new home - February 2018!




These 2 shy boys have found their perfect forever home.  It took a while but well worth the wait for all!