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Kind to Nature Story

KIND TO NATURE normally does not take in animals for adoption, but occasionally we have a cat dog with a foster or trying to help someone in the community place a pet or stray animal.

If we have some listed here and you are interested in adopting any of these special fur babies, please email Barb at ktnbarb@aol.com.



BELLA is a very sweet, affectionate and pretty little girl. She would do well in a quiet/calm home with not too many pets and the chance to acclimate slowly. She likes to play too.  She is 10 years old, so has many good years left to be someone's loving lap cat!!  She’s been spayed, vaccinated, tested negative just this past month.

Bella and 3 siblings were turned into the Arizona Humane Society in October when their owner sadly became too ill to care for her pets any longer.  Kind to Nature rescued Bella and Harry (who is not adoptable at this time due to behavior); the other 2 siblings were kept by AHS for adopting.  Bella loves to be petted and especially likes someone around when she eats.  She seems a little nervous in our sanctuary with so many cats, but otherwise her behavior is fine.  She can be picked up, kissed on the head and likes to explore. 



BEEZL is a very sweet, handsome and easy to manage kitty, who needs a little extra care.  We think he is about 2 years old.  He is neutered but we do not know about vaccinations.

He was found as a stray at a neighbor’s house 10/30 in Gold Canyon.  Joanne and Ron took him in knowing that the location is very unsafe for an outside kitty and posted diligently but have been unable to find his owner. He had a scrape on his chin and small puncture wound on his face and burrs all over him and was shaking his head a bit. When Ron brushed him, he found that this cat was extremely loving, jumped right up in his lap, and was much more friendly towards them than their other 2 cats.  He eats up a storm, and has definitely gained some weight, since they took him in.

They took Beezl to their vet to address his ear issues and look at his wounds. He had obviously been attacked while out on his own, and the vet provided an antibiotic shot, some ear drops which are administered twice per day, of which he is extremely tolerant.

Unfortunately, Beezl tested positive for FIV, which means he has a compromised immune system, but can live and interact normally with other cats, as long as everyone gets along.  FIV cats must be indoor only, require extra vitamins and supplements and good nutrition, protection from viruses and monitoring of their health, but otherwise make wonderful pets and can a live a long time with proper care. 

If you are interested in meeting this super sweet guy, we can provide you with our recommendations for vitamins and supplements to help keep him healthy for many years. 

Joanne and Ron think Beezl will make someone a great pet and he has many years of love and joy to share with someone.