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Kind to Nature Story

(work in progress)

Early 1990s - Bird rescuer - rehabber.

Early 1994 Blossom - Barb's first feral kitty that started the whole cat thing.  Not sure where she came from but I began feeding her on my carport.  She would wait to be fed underneath my car in the morning that I could see from my kitchen window.  Then one summer morning I looked out and saw 3 faces:  Blossom (who I called Groucho initally because I was totally clueless about ferals) and the 2 cutest tiny little black & white faces.  Oh my goodness!  They were ... 

Toby and Tabitha - Blossom's kittens - first feral kittens to be taken in and domesticated.  In the meantime, Blossom (aka Groucho) was taken by a rescue group to get her spayed for me and fostered her for a bit - when she got renamed and I began learning about feral cats. 

1998 - Cupcake and the Summer of Kittens.

Newsletter started - written, published and distributed in nearby neighborhoods.  Somehow it got around the whole Valley as I began getting calls from people in Temp and on the west side of Phoenix wanting copies, resources and help.

8/17/1999 - Kind to Nature incorporated in the State in Arizona.

Spring 2010 - The feral cattery was created for the Windsor kitties.  A colony of cats whose caretaker became ill and was removed from her home in Phoenix had to be relocated due to threats and cruelty by neighbors, despite the fact that most of these kitties had been spayed and neutered and feeding had been arranged for.  Apparently the "feeder" fell down on the job and when the cats (including kittens) began wandering the neighborhood to the dislike of some very coldhearted residents.  We began feeding, getting to know and trapping as many as we could and relocating to the cattery.