KTN’s rescued animals are generally unadoptable animals and therefore are permanent residents. As a result, we incur more vet expenses and need other supplies because we care for them through sickness, health, injury and old age. We do not do adoptions, limiting our ability to raise funds.  Please help us meet these needs with a tax deductible donation of cash, gift cards (Petsmart or Petco), food or other supplies (see list below).

Wood, tree-like or other sturdy, easy-to-care-for cat furniture for indoor and outdoor areas.
Cat Beds / small dog beds - easy to care for/clean.
Towels, light quilts, non-fitted sheets, rubber-backed rugs and mats.


Products we regularly use:

Dry Food - Pro Plan and Purina One – Hairball formula

Blue Freedom Indoor/Fish Grain Free and Whole Earth Chicken formula grain free - NO SALMON or game flavors please
Wet food – larger cans of Science Diet Chicken Dinner or tuna dinner (chunks in gravy) - need at least 10 of each for one feeding small cans are used for special needs feedings - Classic formulas -
chicken, turkey, tun, fish & shrimp flavors, no salmon or liver, pasta and other weird stuff - Pro Plan, Sheba, Fancy Feast classics and naturals, Blue Buffalo, Nature's Recipe grain free trays, Solistic chicken in gravy, whole tuna, no gelee stuff.
Dog food - Dogs are on special diet - grain free, potato free - feed only Nutrisca chicken or Zignature turkey dry.  Cans - Natural, chicken, turkey, beef flavors - primarily meat. 
Litter - Only these 2 - Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Precious Cat natural/unscented cat litter (blue bag/box) - preferred litter

Petco Unscented
Scott Blue Shop Towels 

Calm Down
Natures Miracle, Simple Green or other natural/non-toxic odor removers and cleaners;

Mail your tax deductible donation to us to 4028 E. Oak St., Phoenix, AZ 85008. Please provide your name, address and email for our records. OR click on the button below to make a donation via Pay Pal.

If you make a purchase for us, please send an email to ktnbarb@aol.com to make arrangements for drop-off or pick up.  THANK YOU!!
Credit card purchases are also tax deductible! We will gladly provide you with a receipt for the value of any item you donate.