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Kind to Nature (KTN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 1998, located in Phoenix, Arizona, dedicated to helping and improving the quality of life of the birds and animals that share our urban neighborhoods, be they pets, strays, wild and/or injured birds or other wildlife, with special emphasis on increasing awareness and compassion for feral cats and reducing the pet overpopulation crisis in the Valley. We work closely with the general public and rescue community towards saving and helping at-risk animals by networking, consulting, providing information and referrals, transportation, and spay/neuter assistance. We utilize fosters for socializing feral kittens and fearful cats rescued from individuals and shelters.

The Kind to Nature Cat Sanctuary. KTN maintains an indoor sanctuary providing a permanent home for rescued unadoptable cats taken in on a special case basis, including a separate feral cattery (indoor/outdoor enclosure), and one of only a few in the state of Arizona with such a facility. These cats are generally not "pet quality" or have special needs, so they stay with us their entire lives, requiring our commitment to care for them through sickness, injury, old age and death. We rarely do adoptions, so have limited sources of income, relying solely on donations. Please help us take good care of our many permanent residents by making a donation. Please also see our Donations page for a list of the products we use and how to make a donation.

Kind To Nature Neighborhood TNR Program, benefitting east/central Phoenix neighborhoods. Volunteers do the trapping, transport to spay/neuter clinic and keep cats for appropriate recovery time before releasing back under caretaker, sometimes rescuing feral kittens for socializing, and help find homes or rescues for friendly cats. How can you help?

    TNR Program
  • Donate (using the button above and designate for TNR)
  • Purchase a trap through our Tru-Catch Trap donation program:
    Trap Purchase Link
  • Volunteer to learn how to do TNR, to transport or foster kittens
  • Donate Food to help feed feral colonies in our local neighborhoods. Many feeders are willing to do the work but cannot afford the food
  • Email info@kindtonature.com if you have questions or want to help

Adoptions. We generally do not take in adoptable animals, but occasionally have to find homes for rescued animals, kittens born from rescued strays/feral cats or in assisting others in the community in placing adoptable animals. PLEASE SEE OUR ADOPTION PAGE FOR ANIMALS needing homes at this time.

Board of Directors:

Barbara Morris
Mary Milliman
Briana Beck

Staff & Volunteers:

Barbara Morris - Executive Director, Shelter/Sanctuary Manager
Jennifer Nitrio - Neighborhood TNR Program Manager, TNR, community cat & kitten help, administrative assistance
Mimi Hickey - TNR, community cat & kitten help and transport


  • Barbara Morris - Founder, Director, CEO. Barb started rescuing baby and injured birds living in the many trees on her own and neighbors' properties, and received basic training from various experienced bird rehabilitators in the community. In 1996, she began rescuing, spaying, neutering, sheltering and domesticating feral cats, and did volunteer work for other rescue organizations in the Valley assisting with adoptions, feeding and trapping feral cats, among other things. As a result of this experience and training, combined with her many years of being a pet owner, assisting with her former husband's dog training business, and avid reading and studying, she acquired considerable knowledge and resources pertaining to wild birds, feral cats, strays, lost and found, and pet care in general that she wanted to share with the general public. She began a pet lost and found hotline for her neighborhood in east Phoenix and soon became its official "animal consultant." Word got around about her services and knowledge prompting her to publish and distribute a newsletter containing a variety of helpful articles, news and events. Before long, the newsletter was going all over the Valley and she began getting calls from everywhere. It was then she decided to formalize the organization and operations by incorporating and eventually set up a website.
  • Briana Beck - Director. Briana moved to Arizona from Illinois in 2003. Shortly after arriving in Arizona she was introduced to TNR and realized she had a talent for socializing cats to allow them a better life. She began fostering first with a Tucson rescue, then pregnant moms and kittens for a Phoenix area rescue around 2005, and soon after cats needing medical and hospice care. Briana became involved with Kind to Nature after answering a plea to foster an at-risk feline that was partially blind early in 2019. Since then she has fostered, socialized, transported and trapped for Kind to Nature prior to moving to Globe. Briana has a heart for all animals. Besides supporting various other local animal rescues and welfare organizations, Briana continues to support Kind to Nature and is committed to our goals and the hope that we can continue our mission to help at-risk and unwanted animals for years to come.
  • Mary Milliman - Director. Mary is a long time Arizona resident with a love for all animals and birds. She has always taken in or helped in some way the stray cats, orphaned birds and lost dogs that seem to find her or cross her path. She is compassionate and patient with those exhibiting less than ideal behavior and is a strong supporter of our organization. She is also a very talented silk screener and sign designer, she designed and made our Kind to Nature tees and tank tops, our business cards, bumper stickers and very cute yard sale signs. Since retiring and moving to be near family in the East Valley, she has more time to spend with her rescued cat family.

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