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KTN's rescued animals are generally unadoptable animals and therefore permanent residents. As a result, we incur more vet expenses and need more supplies and special food because we care for them their whole lives -- through sickness, health, injury and old age!! We rarely do adoptions, limiting our ability to raise funds like other rescue organizations. We also help individuals in the community and utilize fosters to socialize feral kittens and fearful cats we rescue. PLEASE HELP US MEET THESE MANY ONGOING NEEDS with a tax deductible donation of cash, gift cards (Petsmart or Petco) - this is preferred since we are restricted on what we can use, food or other supplies (see list below).

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Scratch posts/furniture (sturdy) - preferably wood primarily Specifically looking for WOOD SCRATCH POSTS or primarily wood cat furniture. For example (available at

Products we regularly use:

Cat Dry Food - Pro Plan and Purina One Hairball formula, Healthy Metabolism Grain Free (chicken/turkey, tuna and rice), Purina One True Instinct Natural Grain Free Chicken and Vibrant Maturity formulas, AvoDerm Chicken/Herring Meal, Blue Indoor Formula (chicken) with Life bits.

*** NO SALMON or game flavors please****

Cat Wet food:

5.5 oz cans of (minimum 12 of each for one feeding): **Pro Plan chicken, chicken and rice, tuna or ocean whitefish & tuna entrees in sauce Science Diet Chicken Dinner or tuna dinner (chunks in gravy)

Small cans (for special needs feedings)

  • Sheba individuals - Whitefish & tuna, seafood, turkey, chicken and beef PATE ONLY
  • Nutro individual pate or soft loaf
  • Fancy Feast classics and roasted varieties (no salmon)
  • Whole Hearted Grain Free tuna recipe in gravy
  • Pro Plan Urinary Tract Chicken, ocean white fish & tuna, and naturals nothing with pasta in it please.

Dog food:

  • Dry grain free, potato free - feed only Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken (grain-free/potato-free).
  • Cans Natural, chicken, turkey, beef flavors - primarily meat.
  • Wellness and Newman's Own organics preferred.

Litter - SoPhresh Petco Unscented regular or lightweight formula, or Dr. Elsey's unscented Precious cat litter, Respiratory Relief formula

Other: Scott Blue Shop Towels Pet Organics Calm Down, Tomlyn Skin & Itch formula, Drs. Foster & Smith Cran Health Bits (for dogs).

See also our Amazon WISHLIST Shop Amazon Smile to benefit Kind to Nature. and select Kind to Nature as charity. For anything else, please contact us first before purchasing any of these items to make sure it is something we can use as our needs are very specific.

Furniture - Wood scratchers. Vinyl storage containers/chests.
Wood, tree-like or other sturdy, easy-to-care-for cat furniture for indoor and outdoor areas, storage chests (durable and easy to clean). Currently in need of several medium-size scratch posts with perches. The less carpeting the better and removable, washable beds are excellent, such as Vesper cat furniture.
Cat Beds / small dog beds - easy to care for/clean (non-tufted type please) - no soft covered beds.
Cotton quilts (all sizes except king) and throws, non-fitted cotton sheets, rubber-backed rugs and mats (small-medium).

If you make a purchase for us, please send an email to to make arrangements for drop-off or delivery. THANK YOU!!

Credit card purchases are also tax deductible! We will gladly provide you with a receipt for the value of any item you donate. THANK YOU!!!

KIND TO NATURE Tee Shirts - various sizes/styles. Women's styles run small, but stretch. Crew necks are high quality regular cotton - true to size.
Ladies' tank - 1 small and 1 large left in stock.
Ladies' Tees - Small, medium - only 1 large left.
Crew necks - lots available - all sizes.
Also - little sport towels.

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