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Kind to Nature normally does not take in animals for adoption, but occasionally we do have a rescued cat or kittens at the sanctuary or with a foster, or trying to help someone in the community place a pet or stray animal, found kittens, etc.

If you are interested in adopting any of these special fur babies, please email Barb at or complete an adoption application.

Looking for Homes!

AMBROSIA - Special Needs Kitty. We are currently taking donations to help pay for Ambrosia's cancer treatment. She is a beautiful girl, very sweet, 4 years old, spayed, tested and vaccinated. Ambrosia was rescued from the Humane Society at risk of being euthanized because she was diagnosed with mammary cancer. A mammary was removed while there when she was spayed. She recovered well from both and we got her in right away to a veterinary cancer specialist for an examination and blood work. Unfortunately, by the time we were able to raise enough funds and schedule her for surgery, the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and she had a very rough surgery, but recovered after a few days of special care with her loving foster. She now is getting chemo treatments 1xmo for the next 4 months. Would you like to give a permanent home for her and provide the love and comfort she may never have had before?

Kittens KITTENS - These 4 adorable kittens were rescued from a community situation and brought to us for socializing. Kitten #1 (laying down in front, male?) is all gray, has long fur, and is very friendly, seeks attention, likes to be held, cuddled, loves pets and kisses, and purrs. Kitten #2 (female-on the left) is small, all gray with specks of orange on face and body, a little shy at first, but allows holding, petting and purrs; kitten #3 (in the middle-female) all gray with an orange streak on her face and more obvious orange highlights in her coat, shy still, but will allow holding and pets; kitten #4 (in the back - male) all gray with silvery highlight on face and one paw is still resisting handling, does not like to be held at all yet, but will allow petting when he is in a relaxed mode. So kittens 1 & 2 are ready for a home of their own. All are playful, healthy and have good appetites. We will be getting their kitten shots soon and will arrange for spay/neuter when appropriate.

Smokey SMOKEY - is a very handsome and super sweet boy, believed to be about 6-7 years old, abandoned by owners and taken in by a neighbor who unfortunately can’t keep him due to allergies in family. He was previously neutered (has a tipped ear, so originally must have been part of a colony). He has since been vaccinated and tested for fiv/felv, and unfortunately tested positive for FIV. However, that doesn't mean he can't live and interact normally with other cats as long as everyone gets along. If you do not know about FIV, we can provide you with more information on it so you understand why it is nothing to prevent him from being in a home and live a normal life. It is possible he could re-test negative in a few months if he was just exposed to the virus from being outside. Regardless, we believe Smokey would make someone a wonderful companion!! As of July 21, 2019, he is being boarded at our sanctuary until we find a permanent, loving home for him.

Miss Bee MISS BEE is a very sweet and stunning rescued stray girl. Estimated to be about 2 years old. She has been spayed, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV/Felv. She is very friendly, playful, active and enjoys the company of other nice kitties, but especially becomes attached to her human. Not bothered by well-behaved dogs.

PoppyPOPPY - Special Needs Kitty - is a very pretty tri color tabby, 9-10 months old, spayed, tested, vaccinated and micro-chipped! Poppy has some idiosyncrasies, but is very cute and full of personality, happy and healthy, promising to give a lifetime of love and enjoyment to someone who understands her and willing to be a little patient as she adjusts to a new home and people. Unfortunately, Poppy's first family didn't and didn't treat her right, causing her to become defensive and untrusting of people and they surrendered her to the shelter because they didn't want to deal with the behavior issues they caused. Her foster mom reports that Poppy is now super people friendly, is very talkative, and will let you know when she wants on your lap, and when she has had enough pets/handling. J Poppy would do best in a home with adults or older children only. She seems selective about what cats she likes and doesn't, and not bothered by the foster's dogs, so would need introduction to other pets in a new home. Poppy's right eye looks worse than it is. The vet thinks it is possibly a condition she was born with and can be treated with drops from time to time. It does not seem to bother her generally but seems to affect her depth perception a little. Otherwise she is a very healthy little girl. Please contact us if you would like to meet her.

ShebaSHEBA is a pretty little black female, med length fur, estimated to be about 3 years, tested negative, vaccinated and spayed. Sheba was an outside stray with feral tendencies who came to our cattery after her last litter was weaned and taken to a rescue and then getting spayed. However, she has become pretty friendly, can be petted and handled, and doesn't seem to belong in a cattery or a sanctuary, but rather deserves a life as a pet! She can be a little fussy at times as to how much petting she wants, and a little feisty with other cats, so probably should be an only cat or with other cats who keep to themselves, don't mess with her. She has filled out out is much fluffier now than in this photo. We are working on getting a new one of her - this one does not do her justice!

Happy Updates -- ADOPTED!

SunnySUNNY - Our sweet handsome rescued stray boy has been adopted! January 2019

Starlight STARLIGHT (STAR) - Was adopted and went to his new home December 19, 2018!

BEEZL - Adopted by rescuers. Stunning tan boy.

MAGNUM - We are so pleased to announce that Magnum was ADOPTED 8/10/18 by a wonderful family - courtesy of a posting by our friends at FOUR PEAKS ANIMAL RESCUE!!! Thank you Nancy and all. Hope he has a wonderful life. Magnum is a big beautiful, sweet, super mellow 11-year old cat whose 92-year-old owner, Laverne, has decided it is best for both of them that she find her beloved boy a new forever home where he will be loved by someone as much as she does, be happy and taken good care of for the rest of his life.


PrimrosePRIMROSE - ADOPTED January 7, 2018! PRIMROSE is an adorable kitten we rescued from Arizona Humane Society who deemed she was not adoptable because of her fearful behavior. Once in the hands of her foster that quickly changed who continues to give her lots of attention and space of her own when she wants it. She was a little shy initially, but is now much better and loves to snuggle and is very playful. Primrose was adopted by a wonderful family and we know she'll have a wonderful life with them!

Prim with her favorite toy in new home - February 2018!

Simon and Garfunkel SIMON & GARFUNKEL - ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 2017! These 2 shy boys have found their perfect forever home. It took a while but well worth the wait for all!

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