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Kind to Nature normally does not take in animals for adoption, but occasionally we do have a rescued cat or kittens at the sanctuary or with a foster, or trying to help someone in the community place a pet or stray animal, found kittens, etc.

If you are interested in adopting any of these special fur babies, please email Barb at or complete an adoption application.

Looking for Homes!

Mitzi *** ADOPTED *** Mitzi is looking for her forever home. She is a beautiful, sweet girl, a little over 1 year old, spayed, vaccinated and tested for fiv/felv (negative). She is good with other kitties, prefers dry food and LOVES to be petted. We rescued her from Pinal shelter (after being discarded by an uncaring owner for no reason other than he didn't want her or her housemate anymore) in December because her behavior deteriorated there, but since being with our foster, she has relaxed again and become the sweetest girl.

Dawn DAWN is a very pretty, super sweet 8 year old lady who was saved from the Maricopa County shelter e-list last March. Dawn is spayed, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV/Felv, but sadly she has chronic stomatitis, despite having all teeth and roots removed from her mouth. She receives steroids and antibiotics from time to time to manage her condition, and does best on wet food alone, but her foster tells us that she is well worth the extra care. She's extremely lovable and has a very cute personality. Please consider adopting Dawn.

Midnight ***ADOPTED*** MIDNIGHT is a sweet, very pretty long hair girl, with a little bit of sass. She likes attention and pets, is playful and well behaved, but she does like to grab and nip sometimes, so we do not recommend her in a home with children. She would do best as the only cat and be devoted just to you, but would probably be okay with other pets that don't bug her and aren't submissive. She is about 2 years old, healthy, spayed and tested negative for fiv/felv. She is not yet vaccinated, but will be before going to a new home.

Midnight PUMPKIN is a very sweet and shy 10 year old, whose owner died last August and has been with a foster ever since. She is spayed, vaccinated, tested negative for FIV/Felv, and had a thorough vet examination last fall with a clean bill of health. She would love a forever home to spend the rest of her life.

Mia MIA is a big girl, 3 years old, spayed, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV/Felv. We rescued her from Pinal County shelter early February, after she'd been there for 4 months and no one was interested in adopting or rescuing her. She was unhappy there and cranky with staff and volunteers. She really is a nice cat and much happier now with her foster mom, allowing lots of pets and loving attention, but she does have a certain threshold for handling, so she needs a savvy cat owner who can be attuned to her signals. She doesn't seem too crazy about other cats so far, but would probably be okay if she can have her own space and other cats don't bug her. She would also be okay with a calm dog that respects her space. She just growls if anyone gets too close, but is not aggressive in any way. Of course, ideally she'd like to be the only pet.

Happy Updates -- ADOPTED!

Poppy"POPPY was adopted in November 2019 by her foster family after living with them since February when KTN rescued her from the Maricopa County Animal Shelter e-list due to unpredictable behavior and an eye condition. Her eye is being monitored by a vet and treated as needed and her foster family learned to love Poppy and understand her idiosyncrasies, while Poppy learned to love them and integrate with the rest of the families' pets. We couldn't have picked a better happy ending for this special kitty."

SunnySUNNY - Our sweet handsome rescued stray boy has been adopted! January 2019

Starlight STARLIGHT (STAR) - Was adopted and went to his new home December 19, 2018!

BEEZL - Adopted by rescuers. Stunning tan boy.

MAGNUM - We are so pleased to announce that Magnum was ADOPTED 8/10/18 by a wonderful family - courtesy of a posting by our friends at FOUR PEAKS ANIMAL RESCUE!!! Thank you Nancy and all. Hope he has a wonderful life. Magnum is a big beautiful, sweet, super mellow 11-year old cat whose 92-year-old owner, Laverne, has decided it is best for both of them that she find her beloved boy a new forever home where he will be loved by someone as much as she does, be happy and taken good care of for the rest of his life.


PrimrosePRIMROSE - ADOPTED January 7, 2018! PRIMROSE is an adorable kitten we rescued from Arizona Humane Society who deemed she was not adoptable because of her fearful behavior. Once in the hands of her foster that quickly changed who continues to give her lots of attention and space of her own when she wants it. She was a little shy initially, but is now much better and loves to snuggle and is very playful. Primrose was adopted by a wonderful family and we know she'll have a wonderful life with them!

Prim with her favorite toy in new home - February 2018!

Simon and Garfunkel SIMON & GARFUNKEL - ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 2017! These 2 shy boys have found their perfect forever home. It took a while but well worth the wait for all!

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